Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

'12 Years a Slave' Director Exposes Modern Slavery at Oscars

When "12 Years a Slave" Director Steve McQueen accepted the Oscar for "Best Picture" on Sunday night, he dedicated the award to the 21 million people still in slavery today. Experts drew a comparison between sex trafficking and the struggles of Solomon Northrup, the film's main character, and also compared modern slavery and Christian persecution.

'Son of God' Takes $26 Million – Box Office 'Miracle'

The new film "Son of God," a Jesus-focused adaptation of last year's miniseries "The Bible," earned $26.5 million in a second place win at the box office this past weekend. Christian reviewers celebrated the success, calling it a "miracle," but warned that it will not suddenly convert Hollywood.

First Names and Character: How Godly Is Your Name?

A political strategy firm has developed a tool that can approximate how many people with a certain name are Republican or Democrat, and how many attend religious services weekly. Former pastor and "Duck Dynasty" star Alan Robertson and Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the Duggar family on "19 Kids and Counting" agree that Christian parents should carefully consider what to name their children.

5 Ways 'The Lego Movie' Hints at a Christian Worldview

"The Lego Movie" has dominated the box office for three weeks in a row, and captured high praise from reviewers, but the ideas and themes it presents (many of them remarkably consistent with a Christian worldview) may very well rank as its highest accomplishment.

Ten Commandments Deny Religious Freedom, Atheist Says

An atheist attacked the Ten Commandments as an abrogation of freedom, declaring that America's laws are not based on this Judeo-Christian source. He made these comments denouncing a bill to support public appearances of the Ten Commandments, which passed the Alabama State House last week.

Is It Better to Be Single?

An article published earlier this month claims it's scientifically proven that single people live better, healthier lives. Some relationship experts, however, believe that marriage brings greater benefits, but emphasize that contentment in life, regardless of relationship status, is what's most important.