Vernon Brewer

Op-Ed Contributor

How God Used My Cancer to Help a Hospital in Russia

"I am a cancer survivor," I said. Many people in the room began to weep. Though they had wonderful doctors and nurses, their medical resources were almost non-existent. I looked into the faces of men and women who would surely be dead in a few months. "Yes, I am a cancer survivor," I told them. "But someday I will die, and so will you. Today, I have come to tell you how you can live forever."

Refugees Don't Get Downtime in the Summer

Omar, a refugee, described the food crisis his family has been suffering through: "We had one loaf of bread to live on for 20 days." Nothing to eat — that's the number one problem refugees around the world are facing this summer.

My Prayer After Hearing From Koreans

Just a few weeks ago, I traveled to the DMZ to interview North Korean Christian defectors who have been persecuted for their faith. I expected to hear stories of torture and imprisonment — and I did — but I wasn't expecting to hear the pleas of hundreds who want peace and for the two Koreas to be reunited.

ISIS Defeated in Mosul but Humanitarian Fight Has Just Begun

Tens of thousands of homes and several main bridges were damaged or destroyed during battle. In some places, entire streets disappeared under the rubble of concrete, dust and rebar. In a desperate attempt to inflict as much damage as possible to the city as they retreated, ISIS set fire to one of the city's hospitals.

Refugee Fathers Who Changed My Life

He was asking me to take the baby with me, out of the refugee camp, far away from the terror and death they had fled, and back home to America. He would rather give his child to me — a total stranger — than watch her die in his arms.

Innocent Christians, Muslims and Yazidis Trapped in Fallujah Need Our Help

As I write this a combination of Iranian-backed Shiite militias and Sunni tribal fighters, assisted by U.S. and ally airstrikes, mount a siege around the ISIS-controlled city of Fallujah. Inside, thousands of ISIS fighters, who took residence in Fallujah's neighborhoods almost 2.5 years ago, wait: their snipers ready, their land mines buried, their barricades defying the attack.