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Tammie Jo Shults: A Fresh Breeze

Into the fetid air of the great dismal that is today's selfie-celebrity cultural swamp comes the fresh breeze of a Tammie Jo Shults. Shults is a living example of the "remnant" described in both the Old and New Testaments. These are people of open, unwavering faith in God and His word expressed in the Bible, deeply committed to Christ, driven by a Holy Spirit-empowered passion that all people would know His love

Trump's Inaugural: Putting America Back on Its Legs

Intended or not, Donald Trump's inaugural program and speech has put America back on two sturdy legs that have been whacked at, sawn into, axed, and whittled upon: the theme of God's transcendence on the one side, and the importance of a reverential fear of the Lord on the other.

The Danger of Trump's Impulsiveness

Donald Trump has opportunity to establish new direction in foreign policy, balanced between the blasé idealism and neglect of the Obama era, and the regime-change interventionism that came to characterize Iraq policy under George W. Bush.

God, Churchill, and Christian Civilization

The United States—and the whole West—stands at a critical point. Will Western Civilization continue to enjoy the fruit of the worldview arising from Judeo-Christian belief, or will it go from twilight to darkness in our lifetimes?

Evangelicals: What Now?

Evangelicalism now may be entering a period of danger. It was assumed that a Hillary Clinton presidency would imperil evangelical Christianity, with its stances on the protection of the unborn, traditional marriage, and other hot issues. But the Trump presidency may present a more subtle danger for the evangelical church.

The 'Inconvenient Truth' About This Election

In 2006 Al Gore gave us "The Inconvenient Truth," his film on what he saw as the environmental disaster. The "inconvenient truth" in 2016 is the moral disaster that there seems no presidential candidate you would trust with your daughter, your son, or your wallet.

What the Bible Says About Borders (Part 1)

People serious about the biblical worldview must not allow pragmatics, panic, pretense, or Pandora-like idealism to shape their immigration philosophy. Rather, they must look to the Bible for the core principles and build policy upon that foundation.

The Sadness of Progressives Who Want Resegregation

Having lived through the Wallace era, and, as a young Birmingham newspaper reporter covering him and his exploitation of the race issue to advance his political interests, it was distressing to read recently of college students announcing they wanted roommates of their race only.

America Needs Regime Change

America needs regime change — not in the essential form of Constitutional government, but departure from the contemporary regime of power that dominates American politics.