Wallace Henley

CP Exclusive

How to Win Our Fight Against America's New State Church

The authoritarian character of contemporary PC has never been more garishly revealed than in the current battles over freedom of belief and expression. While the genocide of Christians proceeds globally with horrid regularity the great establishments that form America's socio-cultural consensus mobilize their substantial weight upon who gets to go to which bathroom.

Pastor Perry Noble Is Wrong About Pastors in Politics

"You're an ordained minister, aren't you?" The question came to me from a staffer in a congressional office where I worked fifteen years ago. I was the congressman's district director and briefly acting chief of staff. Years before I had been a White House aide.

Obama, Hillary Want Jesus' Kingdom Without Jesus

Recent events show that many contemporary politicians and their minions want the City of God without God, the fruit of Jesus' Kingdom without Jesus, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit, and absolute truth without absolutes.

Defund Dr. Frankenstein!

Not since Dr. Frankenstein's minions went scouring through cemeteries and morgues for body parts have we seen anything as sinister as Planned Parenthood's tissue racket.

Kim Davis and Rosa Parks

If, as Rick Warren and others have suggested, religious liberty is becoming the major civil rights issue of our time, will Kim Davis be the Rosa Parks of the movement?

The Good News of the Apocalypse

So what's behind that curtain? People everywhere are asking that question these days. Others want to avoid it because the thought of "apocalypse" is terrifying to them. However, there is also some very good news behind the curtain of history.