Wallace Henley

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San Francisco and Liberalism's Fatal Flaw

Katherine Steinle died while strolling on a lovely San Francisco pier, a victim of humanist-secular progressivism's fatal flaw, as much as from a bullet fired, allegedly, by a man who had been convicted seven times of felonies, and deported five times.

SCOTUS Has Put an 'Air Hammer' to America's Foundations

There is a stunned silence in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court of the United States' assault on the Constitution inherent in its ruling on same-sex marriage — even though most knew it was coming. Nevertheless, let us now pause and consider the enormity of the decision.

Pope Francis: Pastor or Policy Wonk?

In his Encyclical, "Laudato Si mi' Signore'" ("Praise be to you, my Lord"), released June 18, Pope Francis reveals an inspiring, dynamic, compassionate heart, and then smothers it in the same old stagnant, wearying strategizing of the finite human mind.

Is Texas Governor Greg Abbott a Nut or Churchillian Seer?

This fictional scenario bears at least some resemblance to what Texas Governor Greg Abbott faces as the U.S. Army Special Operations Command prepares to launch Operation Jade Helm this July in Texas, and several other western states. Abbott has instructed the Texas State Guard to monitor the training program. This has evoked heaps of scorn from left-progressive voices, as well as from some in his own party.

Obama Admin Leading US, Allies Into the 'Jaws of Death' With Iran Nuke Talks?

Lest the day come when some bard describes the Obama Administration leading the United States and its allies into the "valley" and "jaws of Death" and "the mouth of Hell" there are questions one would like to pose to our plumed leadership at the head of the brigade, like President Obama, Secretary Kerry, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, as well as those in the Congress who do not comprehend the nature of the existential threat:

Are Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal Theocrats?

I am a conservative pastor in one of those Texas megachurches the left finds so sinister. Worse, I was an aide in the Nixon White House, a one-time congressional candidate, and later district director and acting chief of staff to the U.S. Representative who beat me. All that should make me a theocratic thug, the poster-boy of everything the political left finds ominous.

A Tribute to the Woman Who 'Was Not'

As we celebrate the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, and remember the horror and glory of Selma, I wish to pay tribute to a person whose existence was unheralded in those dark times, but whose influence upon me was mighty.

Jonathan Gruber, Amy Pascal and the Lurking Nihilist

If we learn anything from the current debacles over Jonathan Gruber's unfortunate comments regarding the importance of not being transparent to the "stupid" electorate regarding some facets of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the repugnant values expressed in hacked emails of Sony executive Amy Pascal it is this: There is a nihilist lurking in most — if not all — of us.

China: Persecuting Christians Is Like Fitting a Race Car With a Steam Engine

When it comes to religious freedom for Christians, China is running that race for global economic leadership like an Indy 500 car chugging on a steam engine. It is true that Christianity in China is growing by leaps and bounds and may outstrip every revival in history. But it is also true that China's industrial future is being undermined by restrictions on religion and other freedoms, and that could eventually be a serious drag on Chinese economic aspirations.

Pope Francis and the Cultural Blitzkrieg

The Church of Jesus Christ everywhere is under cultural Blitzkrieg. The German term was coined to describe Hitler's strategy in his early assaults especially on Poland, the Sudetenland, and Austria. The attacks combined suddenness (Blitz) and all-out war (Krieg) rather than slow incremental incursions.

Secular Jihad in Houston

Secular jihad – that's the best way to characterize the subpoenaing of sermons and other communications from pastors opposing the Houston city regime and their "bathroom law."