Wallace Henley

CP Exclusive

Phil Robertson, the Blindfold, and the Abyss

So thank God for Phil Robertson, and for those important and courageous voices in the homosexual community who have come to his defense because of their belief in free thought and speech, as well as all others who admire someone in this age of compromise and political correctness who will stand by his faith. That looks "like Jesus" to me.

Harold Camping and the Error of One-Dimensional Time

The math gremlin wouldn't give up, and confounded the numbers on May 21, 2011, and again in October, 2011. Camping kept proving one of Albert Einstein's axioms: "As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

JFK and the Seduction of Eden

Barely two months earlier, on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy had been gunned down as his motorcade entered the Plaza. Fresh remembrance chilled my wife and me as we crossed the spot where Kennedy's limo had ducked under the looming Texas School Book Depository. Up there, Oswald had aimed with cold calculation at Kennedy's head.

Billboard or Bible: Atheism's Billboard Evangelism (Pt. 1)

Through their billboards, the atheists are shouting propositions (proposals of ideas or actions about which one must make a decision) to passersby. The Bible is also a collection of propositional truths, based on revelation from what billions across history have regarded as Ultimate Authority. So the Battle of the Billboards (Christians are rebutting atheist claims on billboards) signals that atheists now want to enter the War of Propositions in a big way: The billboards versus the Bible.

John MacArthur and Finding the Balance Between Form and Frenzy by Focusing on Jesus (Pt. 3 - Final)

The fruit of Lau's ministry could present a quandary to staunch cessationists like John MacArthur. Healing, the Laus discovered in front-line ministry in Indonesia, is not limited to the human body. Sometimes, they found, people must be freed from demonic control, in New Testament style. So if sign gifts, miracles and healing ended with the Apostles, what is the explanation for what happens through the ministry of the Laus and tens of thousands of others like them? Would MacArthur term their work "strange fire"?

The Emergent Pope: Francis and the Crisis of Catholicism (Pt. 1)

Confession: I could be a wannabe Catholic. Not long ago, on a trip to Paris, my wife and I were in Notre Dame Cathedral during Mass. A congregation in the thousands refused to be distracted by gaping tourists as the great organ exploded in music summoning all the human senses to look up and contemplate the transcendent glory and mystery of God.

Millennium Fading, Tribulation Rising: The Fading Millennium (Pt. 1)

A millennial season is fading for the church and western civilization, and a period of tribulation is rising. I'm not saying The Millennium has come and is now going, or that The Tribulation is upon us. Rather, I use these terms in their broader symbolic sense, in which a "millennial season" signifies a period of favor for the church, and the advance of its message and ministries, while a tribulation-time symbolizes the withdrawal of that favor and the ensuing consequences.

Chaplains for Atheists: Messy Implications for Atheism

The House of Representatives voted July 23 against proposals for atheist chaplains in the U.S. military. The vote was an overwhelming defeat for the idea. Only two Republicans and 171 Democrats voted for atheist chaplains. Contrary to what you may be reading, Christians should be disappointed and atheists should be glad.