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CP World Report: Blackberry, Jeb Bush and Romney, Film "58"

Amnesty International encourages Canada to arrest Bush; Blackberry outage in Canada leaves customers frustrated; Jeb Bush impressed with Mitt Romney; Christian leader says Christians should get involved with Occupy Wall Street protests across US; Film "58"; Courtesy campaign on subway; Dove award winner Natalie Grant makes acting debut in "Decision" film.

CP World Report: Iran Terrorist Plot, Coptic Christians, Mitt Romney

Iran assassination plot foiled by U.S. officials; violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt; Iranian Christian pastor is still alive amidst threats of execution by government; live ultrasounds to be displayed in congress in order to sway leaders to a more pro-life stance; Amish attacking each other over religious differences; Mitt Romney's Mormon religion examined at Values Voter summit; NBA lock out

CP World Report: Values Voter Summit, Ex-Hamas on Christian faith, Prince Harry

U.S. Supreme Court case dealing with separation of church and state expected next year; Controversary between European Union airlines new emission law and the global airline industry; GOP presidential candidates attended Values Voter Summit to talk about their faith; Prince Harry is in Arizona qualifying to fly the Apache Helicopter; Pulpit Freedom day allows pastors to speak about politics from the pulpit

CP World Report: Mahmoud Abbas, Syria, Paypal, Pope Benedict

A senior Palestinian official says President Mahmoud Abbas will formally ask the U.N. Security Council today….to recognize Palestine as a full member of the U.N.. U.S. President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the move and Canada is in opposition to it. In an address to the U.N., Obama highlighted threats to Israel…..

CP World Report: India Earthquake, Egypt-Israel, Rick Perry, Disney-Pixar

A strong earthquake measuring 6.9 on the richter scale shook northeastern India and Nepal killing at least 16 people, and injuring dozens. It damaged buildings, snapped power lines and interrupted phone service.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh offered to send troops to help and summoned the national Disaster management Authority for an emergency meeting.