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  • Was Jesus really "racist" against the Syrophoenician woman?

    Promulgators of the racist Jesus calumny have matters not just regular wrong, but perfectly wrong -- a complete inversion of the truth.

  • What the parable of the forgiven debt says about reparations

    As long as we hold onto the sins of the past, we pervert the grace extended to us in Christ and tell the lost world that Jesus simply isn’t enough.

  • New Testament economics explains Afghan poverty

    Washington thought Afghanistan was a fixer upper. But after spending trillions of dollars and thousands of lives trying to improve it, the messy capitulation has stunned and embarrassed Americans who want to know what went wrong. However, let’s ask another question about Afghanistan: why is it so poor?

  • Afghanistan catastrophe came from ignoring the wisdom of Solomon about war

    This is how arrogance and wrong decisions breed incompetence.

  • The seen, the unseen and minimum wage hikes

    Some readers may have been convinced of the immorality of a minimum wage. Still, they worry about the consequences of not having one. After all, minimum wage laws affect only entry level jobs that require no experience or skills. Won’t the wages of the poorest workers collapse? The question illustrates one of the most important principles of economics, what is seen vs. what is not seen, or the short-term vs. the long-term. The media and the public focus exclusively on the most visible aspects of

  • Was Afghanistan a just war?

    In my private conversations with Bush administration officials including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice directly, it became clear to me that they felt that they had to justify the wars along grand humanitarian lines, with objectives of transforming great swaths of the world into the kind of liberal democracies that have historically only emerged from Christian civilizations (or colonies of those civilizations).

  • Are Christians allowed to desire wealth?

    What can you hope to achieve in life? What can you expect to get if you do the right thing? And what should you expect? In light of what I’ve written earlier on “daily bread” in the Bible, it might help us deal with economic hard times if we considered some more of what Scripture says about the desire for wealth.

  • The Afghan disaster and the warning of Jesus

    Over $2 trillion, over 3,000 lives, and a country that is less safe than it was when we started. Christ told us to count the cost of war before it begins; we ignored Him.

  • As big companies take anti-biblical stances, here's how to be salt & light

    The first vote I cast in a presidential election was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Back then I was part of a group that would drop off voter's guides at churches to help educate Christians on the stances their local politicians took on issues like abortion.

  • Is China's financial crisis a judgement from God?

    In the modern media era, we tend not to pay much attention to international affairs, and when we do, it’s generally in search of ammunition to use in domestic political battles. So you might be surprised to hear that, following a series of sudden and perplexing state interventions in the economy, China is going through something of a minor financial crisis.

  • Should Christians only work and pray for "daily bread"?

    Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11) or “Give us each day our daily bread” (Luke 11:3). This raises questions, like: Does God want us to perpetually live hand to mouth? Are we to simply wait for Him to give us our sustenance?

  • Millennials embrace socialism but can't define it

    As a Boomer, I thought socialism died in its 1989 collapse in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. I was wrong. Based on the popularity of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other self-proclaimed socialists, the philosophy has climbed out of its grave and stalks the country with the popularity of zombie apocalypse movies. 

  • Jesus, Peter and the plague: What we can learn from His life in pandemic zone

    As Christians, along with the world, struggle to deal with the Covid pandemic and now new genetic variants, few have turned to the Scriptures, and the person of Jesus for insight. That's a pity, because a careful reading of the Bible in historical context can shed light on this topic and on the balancing of risk with pursuit of opportunity.

  • I attended dozens of corporate annual meetings to talk about their wokeism; here’s what I learned

    Over the past few months, I have attended around 25 shareholder meetings. I have written about specific meetings, but now that most major corporations have had their meetings, a general overview of the season is in order.

  • Yelp deserves a one-star rating for religious liberty

    I recently attended the annual meeting of Yelp, a large, San Francisco-based tech company that runs a business review website and app. As the success of small businesses depends in part on reviews posted through services such as Yelp and Google, they have enormous potential influence over our economy.