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  • Why is the country moving left? The social gospel

    Many years ago, mainline Protestant churches began to embrace what is now understood as the social gospel. This reimagined understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ centered on social and economic equality, as well as racial reconciliation and poverty. This new gospel replaced the atoning work of Christ on the cross for the sins of people with a politically charged version of the gospel in which correcting social ills was the highest good and ultimate goal.

  • Biblically responsible investing is not what you think it is

    When the Holy Spirit convicted my heart about biblically responsible investing it was not because of a realization that my investment money was going into the coffers of bad businesses who would use it to pursue immoral ends. No, God broke my heart over the undeniable truth that as an investor, I was profiting from the sale of abortion drugs.

  • How Christians can think biblically about Biden's economic plan

    The discussion around minimum wage and corporate taxes is heating up as lawmakers work on getting policy through Congress. How can Christians think biblically about these issues? When President Biden unveiled his $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan in March, and details became public knowledge, it became clear that raising taxes was a central goal. To his credit, Candidate Biden said he would raise taxes and he now President Biden seems poised to do just that. At least he kept his word.

  • What the Bible teaches about national debt and our children

    Congress passed President Trump’s $900 billion COVID relief package last year and recently added President Biden’s $1.9 trillion bill with the approval of 63% of Americans. Why shouldn’t people be happy about getting money they didn’t have to work for?

  • Christians, don't imitate corporate cancellers

    The reputedly Stoic Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, wrote, “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”

  • Outside the lines: American corporations and society

    The lines relating to the role of business in U.S. society began to blur several years ago but have nearly been erased in this latest round of corporate activism.

  • Solomon on ‘woke capitalism’

    Those of us who appreciate the free market in a free economy, where the civil leaders are restrained to enforcing fair and predictable rules that everyone can operate by, might be tempted to think that the wise should tend to succeed. If so, then our present situation of Leftist Corporate culture and advocacy is hard to understand.

  • Q&A on Big Tech censorship going beyond conservative politics

    Reporting and commentary on big tech censorship has largely been about conservative viewpoints. We’ve revealed that the issue runs deeper than that and includes religious viewpoints as well.

  • Why $15 minimum wage is bad policy, has no biblical support

    The argument that not paying people a “living wage” is immoral and, therefore, unbiblical, is prevalent in discussions with Christians on this topic. But, before we can label something immoral and tie it to a biblical mandate, we must first answer the question about what a “living wage” is and where it should be applied.

  • Solomon, the Suez blockage, and free trade

    Solomon, himself, built the Temple of God through trade, importing material down the coast from a neighboring kingdom.

  • Southwest flight crew finds Navy sailor’s wallet, adds $100 before mailing back

    Unable to deny myself the chance to eavesdrop in on the life of aviation service, I snooped — and what I overheard was a heartwarming story told by flight attendant Becca Pruett.

  • 3 Steps to build team work amid Zoom fatigue

    As Christians, there is no distinction between our spiritual lives and our work lives. Because we were designed and created to work in community, our lives are richest when we follow Christ’s example and serve each other beyond self-preservation.

  • Are you taking enough risks in your career?

    The Bible gives us principles that relate to His calling for our lives and the risks we need to take to live those callings. 

  • What investors should know about CARES Act

    To help shed some light on the CARES Act highlights that investors should know about, Inspire Investing has partnered with our tax advisors at Hayashi and Wayland to provide the following information about the CARES Act.

  • Should Christians disengage from the marketplace?

    We are stewards of God’s resources and how we manage them matters.  However, should Christians disengage from these businesses by no longer investing in them?  If so, are we ceding this arena to the world?