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  • C12 CEO on how to avoid a bad theology of business

    Does a missionary do holier work than an engineer? Is God begging for our charitable donations? What message does your church give young adults who are just beginning their careers?

  • CEO of Bradley Foundation criticizes wokeism in business and philanthropy

    How large financial institutions are turning their backs on the system which made their wealth possible in the first place - and embracing wokeism as an alternative.

  • Media upset over corporate silence on Texas abortion law

    Corporate management appears to be increasingly aware that they cannot spit on everything conservative Christians value and expect Republicans to keep cutting their taxes.

  • Woke capital giant bows to China

    Inclusive capitalism for Washington, social Darwinism for Beijing.

  • Leader of Christian CEO group looks at the state of the culture

    "By raising the cross at the center of the marketplace, we put the question of God on the table instead of it being buried in somebody's desk."

  • Is China's financial crisis a judgement from God?

    In the modern media era, we tend not to pay much attention to international affairs, and when we do, it’s generally in search of ammunition to use in domestic political battles. So you might be surprised to hear that, following a series of sudden and perplexing state interventions in the economy, China is going through something of a minor financial crisis.

  • One verse to eliminate reparations as a biblically just option

    The discussion about reparations has grown increasingly divisive as both proponents and opponents of reparations make their case. Political hopefuls campaign on the idea that if elected they will see to it that reparations are paid. Newly elected politicians seeking to make a name for themselves sound a rally cry for reparations.

  • Jesus, Peter and the plague: What we can learn from His life in pandemic zone

    As Christians, along with the world, struggle to deal with the Covid pandemic and now new genetic variants, few have turned to the Scriptures, and the person of Jesus for insight. That's a pity, because a careful reading of the Bible in historical context can shed light on this topic and on the balancing of risk with pursuit of opportunity.

  • Greg Leith on a bad theology of work and a good theology of work

    Which careers honor God the most? What does God think of entrepreneurs? Is the highest calling for business leaders to be ATMs for the church? These are the kinds of questions that inspire people like Greg Leith to step up with answers.

  • Jesus' parable endorses market wage versus wage controls

    Economists have proven that a minimum wage above the market rate for unskilled entry level workers will harm the people that socialists intend to help, but socialists don’t believe them or don’t care. Socialists insist that a minimum wage is moral and should become law regardless of the consequences. In this and this article I showed that a minimum wage is immoral from two perspectives. Here is another. 

  • Christian economics 101: Does Zacchaeus prove reparations are biblical?

    I recently wrote an article to explain one of the most fundamental principles of economics, namely, that you are not entitled to the labor or production of any other human being. In other words, no one has the right to enslave another person, to demand the fruit of their labor, or to threaten by government force that they perform some labor (think baker, flower designer, etc.).

  • Government-mandated sloth profits no one

    A few weeks ago, I pointed out that slavery is a frustrating institution for the slaveholder who wants productive labor. I think this assertion helps explain the ambivalence about the pandemic we seem to be seeing from our government.

  • Has the medical industry become a "den of thieves"?

    Few families in the U.S. can afford healthcare insurance. The average premiums for family coverage is about $15,000 per year, about the same as a mortgage in Oklahoma. Then why do most Americans have healthcare insurance? Because their employers pay up to two thirds of the cost.

  • Wokeism and cancel culture threaten our independence

    ‘Tis the season to commemorate our nation’s independence. This year we once again celebrate the creation of a “more perfect union” while living amongst many who decry our nation’s history as so far from perfection that we should not even be celebrating. The true history of America’s founding and of our consistently overcoming injustices is a heritage for which all Americans should be proud.

  • Why is the country moving left? The social gospel

    Many years ago, mainline Protestant churches began to embrace what is now understood as the social gospel. This reimagined understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ centered on social and economic equality, as well as racial reconciliation and poverty. This new gospel replaced the atoning work of Christ on the cross for the sins of people with a politically charged version of the gospel in which correcting social ills was the highest good and ultimate goal.