A Powerful Spoken Word Piece About Jesus – A Bar Stool or a Church Pew?

Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/Clayton Jennings)

This is a powerful spoken word from Clayton Jennings telling an incredible story about judgment. Not only does he tell us the similarities and differences of a church pew and a bar stool, but also the importance of loving one another as Jesus loved us.

This story of judgment will really make you think and hit on all cylinders. At first you may be confused as to what the question really means. A church pew or a bar stool? But, in the end he clears it up by explaining no matter which seat we choose, we are all sinners. Jesus loves sinners. As long as our intention is to love one another, Jesus will forgive our sins and love us back. Jesus would most definitely sit on a bar stool.

Watch this spoken word by Clayton Jennings below: