Best 5 Commercials From the 2014 Super Bowl (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: T-Mobile)

While the score of Super Bowl XLVIII turned out to be pretty one-sided, the commercials found much stiffer competition. The ads seemed to shy away from misogynistic offerings of the past (cough, GoDaddy, cough) and leaned on smarter fare. Here are five commercials from last night's Super Bowl you should definitely see.

5. Budweiser - "Puppy Love"

Budweiser's sweet story about a budding friendship between a Clydesdale and a puppy is another in the line of heartwarming ads starring their trademark horses.

4. Hyundai - "Dad's Sixth Sense"

This ad for the Hyundai Genesis recalls the various ways that Dad can save the day, and how he can help keep his kids safe when they get older.

3. Toyota - Highlander ad

Former Old Spice pitchman Terry Crews ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") picks up a group of stranded motorists who turn out to be the Muppets' frenetic music group. A series of misadventures make the buttoned-up Crews go shirtless and a bit loony.

2. T-Mobile - Tim Tebow #nocontract

This ad hits all the right notes for a Super Bowl commercial. It has an over-the-top premise, high production value, clear relevance to the product being advertised (Tebow has no NFL contract, T-Mobile offers no-contract service), a connection to football and a star who's able to laugh at himself.

1. Radio Shack - "The Phone Call"

Radio Shack, considered an also-ran in the age of Best Buy and Amazon, accepts this criticism with spot-on humility and hilarity by calling up the most famous faces from the 1980's. Younger generations might be left scratching their heads, but Radio Shack is accepting their lumps in a clever and fun way, and promising better for the future.