Caught on Dash Cam! Cop Approaches Lonely Boy and Does Something Amazing (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: LifeHacker101/YouTube)

Just about every story captured on a police officer's dashboard camera turns out badly. And when you start to watch the video below, you wonder what sad tale is about to unfold.

An officer in Rosenberg, Tex. drives up to a boy with a football standing on the side of the road. The cop stops and gets out to talk to youth. The action goes out of frame. What are they talking about? What's about to go down?

And then what happens is a stunning moment of this community servant serving his community. The next thing we see, the officer and the youth are playing football in the street. It's a beautiful moment that you just want to go on forever.

The officer, Sgt. Ariel Soltura, posted on the Rosenberg Police Department's Facebook page about his game of catch – which has gone viral – with the young man, Jermaine Ford.

"I can tell each of you, that I am no super hero, instead, simply a man on a mission to better police WITH and interact WITH the community I serve," Rosenberg writes. "Like me, there are millions of brothers and sisters in blue that replicate the 'game of catch' in someway, 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year, without fail."

He's been touched by the outpouring of praise for his actions, writing, "As I read the emails and listen to the voicemails, I too have become emotional and that's just fine by me.

And Sgt. Soltura confirms his motivation for reaching out to Jermaine, who at one moment was a boy alone with a football, and the next the center of a story that's warming hearts around the world.

"Love is a powerful feeling, one that nobody can ever have to much of."

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