Girl Falls 3,500 Feet in Skydiving Accident and Lives; 'She's a Miracle Child' (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: TODAY)

For her 16th birthday, Mackenzie Wethington got an unforgettable gift from her parents: her first sky dive. Her father, Joe Wethington, took her to Pegasus Air Sports Center in Chickasha, Okla. yesterday where she would do a static line jump, a setup for beginners where a fixed cable opens the parachute automatically.

They took to the air, and Mackenzie jumped. However, something went wrong and she started spiraling out of control. To Joe's horror, his daughter fell 3,500 feet and slammed into the ground.

But, impossibly, she survived. Her injuries include a lacerated liver and kidney, broken teeth, and fractures in multiple vertebrae, ribs and her pelvis.

"She's a miracle," Joe told TODAY. "She's a miracle child."

According to Bob Swainson, owner of Pegasus Air Sports Center, an error on Mackenzie's part is what caused the accident.

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