Here's Exactly Why You Should Never Park in Front of a Fire Hydrant (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WBZ)

When learning to drive, we hear pretty early that it's illegal to park in front of fire hydrants. It makes sense. Firefighters need to access the hydrant if there's a fire. A car blocking the hydrant puts property and lives at great risk.

However, when firefighters arrived to battle a blaze in an East Boston neighborhood, they found a BMW blocking an urgently needed hydrant. With no time to waste, they used the most direct route to the hydrant: through the car. The firefighters smashed the front two windows and threaded the hose through.

According to the registration, the owner had only had the BMW for two days.

Rafael Henriquez, who knows the owner, told WBZ, "I wanted to cry for him. Of course, he brought that on himself."