Hero Auto Worker Jump Starts Stranded Motorists for Free (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WQAD)

The polar vortex has blasted Moline, Ill., dropping it from its average 30ºF weather in January down to a high of -7ºF Monday and 10ºF Tuesday. As a result, more residents than usual are finding their cars won't start in the cold. But they have a neighbor who's helping people get back on the road – for free.

Brad McKorical, an employee of 4th Ave Auto Sales, posted on Facebook that he would prove free jump starts to anyone who needed one.

"We should put something on Facebook and go out and see who needs some help, so that's what we did," McKorical told WQAD.

Word got out, and yesterday McKorical helped several stranded motorists at no charge. His motivation is simple.

"I was always taught by my parents to help people," said McKorical.

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