How Does the ALS Ice-Water Challenge Collect Money Through Social Media? Find Out Here! (VIDEO)

Photo: (Getty Images/Justin Worland)

I'm sure you've logged into your Facebook account and realized that someone else has completed the ALS Ice-Water challenge. You may have even been nominated to complete this challenge! So what is this and how does it help to donate money?

People either receive the challenge or do it on their own. They pour ice cold water over their heads with ice cubes in it in the name of awareness-raising about Lou Gehrig's disease. In the video, the person calls out 3-6 others to complete the challenge in 24 hours or donate $100 to a Lou Gehrig's charity (the disease is also known as ALS).

A lot of money has been raised thanks to the challenge going viral on social media. Since July when the campaign kicked off, more than 70,000 donors have donated more than $2.3 million dollars to the ALS Association.

Last year during the same period length the organization collected approximately $25,000. So this challenge has helped the organization out big time. Check out the video below: