How to Write a Worship Song in 5 Minutes or Less; So True, It's Scary - and Funny! (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Blimey Cow/YouTube)

If you're an aspiring worship song writer, or if you're a veteran stuck in a rut, I have just the video for you. YouTube channel Blimey Cow created this tutorial on how to quickly write a worship song using well-worn tactics of today's popular praise choruses.

Blimey Cow is run by brothers Josh and Jordan Taylor and Josh's wife Kelli. Having grown up in a Christian family, the brothers started making videos that wryly comment on the idiosyncrasies of Christian culture. Plainly, they have fun with the funny, head-scratching aspects of church and family life, but their hearts are in the right place.

"I made a list of things that I want to do before I die, and one of the things is to make Christian entertainment cool again," Jordan told Trevechoes Online.

If you've been involved in worship ministry, Jordan's points here will ring achingly true, down to the Powerpoint/MediaShout/EasyWorship hiccup that the technician/youth group member encounters.