Jamaican Pastor Mom Has 32 Children, Rescues Them From the Streets Unconditionally (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: GoBoka Play/YouTube)

Ann Marie Richards couldn't ignore the children in the streets. They had all kinds of issues – abused, molested, illiterate, disabled, hungry, poor – and she and her husband knew they had to do something. There was no shelter or children's home, so the couple gave what they could give: their home and themselves.

Richards, pastor of Voice of Victory Ministry in Clarendon, estimates they've raised 32 children in need so far, taking them from the streets to getting degrees in school and landing jobs. Why? She says it's the love in their heart and the fact that these children, like Psalm 139 confirms, are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

In this video, Richards talks about how and why she loves these unwanted children, and shares the 180-degree redemptive stories of her daughter who trafficked drugs and her son who was illiterate and bound to a wheelchair.