Man Gives His Evidence for an Unprovable God

Man Gives His Evidence for an Unprovable God

Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/Ben Piershale)

Ben Piershale proves that God's existence has always been here. His evidence will have you cheering "Amen!" throughout this whole video. A spoken word that shows the importance of building a relationship with Jesus.

Most of us are intimated by faith. We dismiss belief that something is greater than us. But, when you look at the beauty of life, there is a fingerprint of design all around us. Religion is not the way of life. It's not about right or wrong, or following a list of rules. It is the identity of Jesus, that gives rest to the soul. We often turn to God in desperate times, but the truth is, God has never left us. If you seek Him you will find Him.

God's one desire is a relationship with us. If you ask God to reveal Himself to you, He most definitely will. Listen to this man's spoken word below showing us all that God exists all around us:


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