Man Rescues, Prays Over 4-Year-Old Girl After Deadly Tornado: 'We Put Our Faith in You, God' (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: CBS News)

Nick Naylor emerged from his storm shelter in Mayflower, Ark. to devastation Sunday night. A powerful tornado had just torn through the area, destroying homes and killing at least 15 people. Naylor, a father of five, got to work saving his neighbors.

When CBS News comes across him, Naylor is carrying a 4-year-old girl in his arms. The girl, Grace, often plays with Naylor's kids. He found her lying injured about 50 yards from the wreckage of her parents' home.

As he brings her to help, he prays, "Lord, you're going take care of this child, I know you are. Because we put our faith in you, God."

This CBS News report tells how Naylor and fellow survivors saved lives when they teamed up with first responders.