See the Medical Breakthrough That's Helping Paralyzed Men Move (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: NBC News)

Rob Summers had just helped Oregon State University win the College World Series when a car struck him as he stood in his driveway. The accident badly damaged Summers' spinal cord and left the talented pitcher paralyzed from the neck down. But despite the notorious permanence of spinal cord injuries, the 28-year-old has regained movement in his legs thanks to a medical breakthrough.

An electronic stimulator originally developed to suppress pain signals is reconnecting Summers' brain with his spinal cord. Through hard work, he had reclaimed use of his arms, but the stimulator has unlocked his legs. Summers is now exercising three times a day to retrain long-unused muscles.

NBC News featured Summers and three other paralyzed men using the stimulator to move again. Watch the inspiring report here and read the full story at NBC News.