Stranger Spots Panicked Mom, Saves 3-Year-Old's Life: 'God Puts People in the Right Place' (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WIS)

It was an ordinary Saturday morning trip to Dunkin' Donuts for Anna Majure and her children. The Columbia, S.C. mom picked up a bagel for herself and doughnut holes for her three kids. However, while pulling out she noticed her 3-year-old son Layton was unconscious in the back seat.

Clark McCarthy and his wife had run out of coffee, so the Dreher High School soccer coach made a run to the same doughnut shop. That's when he noticed Majure on the curb, screaming. He stopped and saw Layton was choking, and took action.

With a few slaps on his back and a stomach thrust, McCarthy helped Layton expel the obstruction, saving his life and becoming an instant family friend.