The Entire Story of Christianity in Less Than 300 Seconds

The Entire Story of Christianity in Less Than 300 Seconds

Photo: (YouTube Screenshot/BeauCh)

If you hate church language and sometime get confused when trying to understand what some words mean, then this video is perfect for you. This gives a clear view of Christianity in less than 300 seconds.

God has sculpted the world. Warned us of evil in the beginning, but we are not perfect. Jesus did give us the choice to try and become better people. He sent us people on earth to help make us more "perfect" and better people.

Perfection and power was sent down in the name of Jesus. He was sent down as our prophet, king, and priest. Perfection and a man who was here to make us better people. But, when authorities felt threatened, Jesus was killed. He came back and rose from the dead and forgave everyone involved in killing. This man tells the story of Christianity and explains in detail each important aspect of the belief.

The Gospel in Plainspeak explains what is most important to Jesus and makes us realize that He should be #1 in our lives.

Watch this incredible spoken word below:


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