This Mega-Sized Rat Found in a Swedish Family's Kitchen is the Stuff Nightmares are Made Of

(Photo: Justus Bengtsson-Korsas)

Most anyone who's ridden the New York City subway, tourist or resident, has a rat story that usually ends with a shudder of disgust. Well, those big city rats have nothing on "Ratzilla," a massive rodent that one family in Stockholm found in their kitchen.

At 16 inches and 2.2 lbs, the rat apparently squeezed through a ventilation pipe after gnawing through cement and wood to enter the kitchen of Erik Korsas and his family. Once there, it gorged itself on food leftovers and trash.

Korsas' wife Signe Bengtsson spotted the rat and, understandably, screamed. They called in professional backup, and an exterminator came in to finish the job with a special trap and haul the critter's carcass away. First, of course, came a solid portrait of the giant beast.

(Photo: Justus Bengtsson-Korsas)