This Teen Refused to Walk at Graduation Alone for the Most Beautiful Reason (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WHAM-TV)

His graduation from Fairport High School in Fairport, N.Y. was going to be one of the biggest nights in Austin Coppola's young life. But he refused to attend without a special person at his side, his twin brother, Ty, who has Down syndrome.

Ty never attended Fairport High, but that mattered little to Austin. Their mom, Cheryl Coppola, relayed to WHAM-TV what Austin had told her.

"'Mom, Ty has worked harder than me, he's endured more challenges," she quoted Austin as saying. "'Yeah, I've earned it, I worked hard for my degree, but he's worked hard in a different way.'"

Thankfully, Ty was permitted to walk with Austin, and a lifelong memory was made. Watch the two brothers celebrate this accomplishment together to the raucous approval of the crowd.

H/T: The Huffington Post