Top 5 Most Popular Biblical Dog Names of 2013

(Flickr: Jon Olav)

After taking note of the top Biblical baby names of 2013, I was curious to see how often pet owners turn to the Word of God to name their dogs. reviewed its hundreds of thousands of registered users to come up with the top 100 dog names of 2013. Among their lists, I found that Bible names aren't as common among canines as they are children.

Among males, names from Scripture claimed three of the top 10 spots for humans, while the top Bible name for male puppies checked in at #64 (Luke). Biblical names are actually more prevalent among female dogs, with Chloe sitting pretty at #8.

Out of's 100 Most Popular Dog Names in 2013, here are the top 5 Biblical names for male and female dogs. Their ranks among the top 100 are in parentheses.


1. Luke, doctor and Gospel author (64)
2. Samson, Israelite judge with superhuman strength (77)
3. Simon, disciple of Jesus (78)
4. Zeke, short for the prophet Ezekiel, Hebrew prophet (95)
5. Eli, high priest of Israel (99)


1. Chloe, respected individual in the early church (8)
2. Angel, of, you know, angels? Maybe a stretch. (34)
3. Phoebe, servant of the church at Cenchreae (41)
4. Hannah, mother of Samuel (66)
5. Delilah, temptress of Samson (87)

Do you have a pet named after a figure in the Bible?