Watch This 79-Year-Old Grandmother Stun 'Britain's Got Talent' With a Shocking Salsa Dance (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Britain's Got Talent/YouTube)

On this weekend's episode of "Britain's Got Talent," you can almost see the air leave the building when 79-year-old Paddy Jones and her partner 40 years her junior, Nico Espinosa, start their slow and careful dance routine. Judge Simon Cowell wastes little time in pressing the red buzzer to reject the pair. And then the fun really starts.

Paddy and Nico execute a mind-boggling salsa routine with stunts that, at Paddy's age, just might be death-defying. By the end, the audience is cheering and judge Amanda Holden pounds her golden buzzer, which sends the duo directly the show's semi-finals.

We're reminded not to judge a book by its cover, and not to write off a granny by her black sequined dance skirt and heels.