What Happens When Two Grandmothers Fly in a Plane for the First Time? Something Hilarious and Amazing (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Vodafone Firsts/YouTube)

We first met 78-year-old Ria when Vodafone had her ride a roller coaster for the first time for their "Firsts" ad campaign. She actually went on the ride to prepare for a bigger first she was tackling with another grandmother from the Netherlands, 71-year-old An.

Over their decades, neither septuagenarian had ever flown on a plane. Ria's late husband was afraid of heights and wouldn't dare. An doesn't like the part when you go high above the ground into the sky. But Vodafone succeeds in getting them on a plane. The fact there's a Barcelona vacation waiting on the other end sure doesn't hurt.

See An and Ria's hilarious maiden journey into the air in this short film.