What This 'Sin City' Cab Driver Did When He Found $300,000 Cash in His Taxi Will Inspire You (VIDEO)

(Photo: Screenshot/Vegas News 3)

When Las Vegas taxi driver Gerardo Gambia picked up a certain passenger holding a paper bag this week, he had no idea it would be a fare he would never forget. He was actually more worried that the slovenly dressed rider would ditch without paying.

After the passenger exited, the cabbie of 13 years noticed the paper bag, which he believed to be full of chocolates, was left behind. He explained that he was curious to see what kind of chocolates they were, as he might want to buy some for his wife for Christmas, so he reached inside. But instead of pulling out a Whitman's sampler, Gambia found he was holding $15,000 in cash.

In all, the bag contained $300,000, leaving the father of one with a choice: Keep the money as a miracle Christmas gift, or return it.

He returned it to its owner, a professional poker player who had just scored big. When asked why he would give back $300K that seemingly fell into his lap, he said, "Because it doesn't belong to me."

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