With Months to Live, This Teen With Cancer Got an Amazing Surprise From His Friends - See His Reaction (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: KARE)

It was three years ago this week that Golden Valley, Minn. 19-year-old Vlad Yanstev got the diagnosis: brain cancer. One of his major regrets after graduating from Osseo High School in 2012 was that he never attended a school dance.

When doctors recently told Yantsev he only had a few months to live, his friends decided to reverse Vlad's old regret and set up a surprise dance in his honor.

"He's expressed a lot of regret not being able to go to those," friend Alex Clark told KARE. "With his condition, we just had to do something,"

Old friends returned from college, and they rented the ballroom of a local country club on Tuesday night. (The high school was unavailable due to the extreme cold). When Clark opened the door, Yantsev was shocked to see dozens of his friends dressed in semi-formal attire waiting for him.

Clark asked him to be her date to the first annual "Vlad-Daze," and Yantsev replied, "Alex, that sounds incredible. Yes!"

On the dance floor, Vlad expressed his gratitude to his friends, as well as his old teachers that attended.

"I want you to all know how much this means to me," he said. "I never would have been able to wake up in the morning (without) just all of you waiting for me to push through and just make it."

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