Young Man Spends $70,000 Inheritance on Drugs, Asks Jesus to Save Him From Addiction (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: NewSpring Church)

Growing up, a speech impediment made Chris Dew feel like he had no purpose in life. He was so hopeless, he prayed for God to either take his speech impediment or take his life.

In turn, Chris decided to spend life seeking his own pleasure. He started smoking marijuana at 15 and eventually moved on to heroin. When his father died from a heart attack, he received a $70,000 inheritance, which he completely spent on drugs.

Chris entered rehab at his mother's request, and it was there that a fellow client invited him to the Christmas service at the Florence, S.C. campus of NewSpring Church. An invitation to follow Jesus was issued at the service, but Chris was reluctant. At the last minute, he responded.

His better-late-than-never decision has turned everything upside down in his life right side up. No longer feeling empty, joyless and unsatisfied, he's found freedom in following Christ. Even his speech has been freed, and he's eager to use it to spread the Good News.