Miles G. McPherson

Exclusive Columnist

Miles McPherson is the Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego. He is also a motivational speaker and author. McPherson's latest book “The Third Option” speaks out about the pervasive racial divisions in today’s culture and argues that we must learn to see people not by the color of their skin, but as God sees them—humans created in the image of God.



  • Israel and Gaza: This isn't just political but spiritual

    Some reported seeing smoke in the air from the windows of the airplane. We were shaken up but were allowed to take off on time (30 minutes after the bombing began).

  • San Diego State Aztecs players talk keeping faith, accountability

    I was even more excited to interview two of their star players, Matt Bradley and Nathan Mensah, who are also members of the Rock Church community. During our conversation, I was struck by the genuine role their faith played in both their careers and personal lives.

  • The resurrection — true or false?

    Please don't accept Jesus on blind faith. Look at the evidence. I urge you to consider the evidence, make a decision for yourself, and get serious about sharing the truth with others!

  • Heaven will be diverse. Let's not forget that

    Diversity in the body of Christ does not mean that we ignore our differences or pretend they do not exist. Rather, it means that we recognize the unique contributions that each person brings to the table and work together in unity, guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • Former NFL player turned pastor: I can't stop thinking about the Damar Hamlin incident

    NFL teams pray before every game, but this time, they prayed together. In that moment, nothing else mattered — not the game, not whose team they were on, nothing. The only thing that mattered was seeing their brother recover.

  • How we can bring Heaven down this Christmas

    Because Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago, the world has never been the same. As you wrap up 2022 and make plans for 2023, I encourage you to ask God how He wants to use you to partner with Him!

  • In this big US city, 1 out of 4 people have food insecurity

    Food insecurity may be a looming threat at the moment, but there is no way it can stand up to a united Church who knows its role in the world. We are called to make a difference, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can see our cities look more like Heaven.

  • What it means to have a heart for God's house

    You can study the Bible all you want, but if you do not do what God says, you are not living out true faith. True faith is not just about information; it is about action!

  • For the sake of the Kingdom, we will be doers of the Word

    God has sent the Church into a world that is in critical condition, but how often do we ask ourselves if the Church is actually helping? How often do we stand there with our Bibles and our theology and not actually do something to serve the world in practical ways?

  • This July Fourth, remember the victims of sex trafficking

    As we contemplate and celebrate our spiritual and physical freedom over the month of July, take a moment to pray and ask God what He would like you to do with that freedom. Christ set us free for something — so that we would use our freedom to serve each other out of love and grow in deeper levels of freedom each day through the Holy Spirit.