Robert F. Davis

CP Guest Contributor


  • Di-ver-si-ty can be a four letter word

    It was probably 20 or 30 years ago that the subject of diversity began to seriously surface in Christian colleges and preparatory schools.  There was a great deal of pressure being brought to bear on these schools to demonstrate racial and ethnic heterogeneity in the student body.

  • Giving by governing: The board of governors (part 4)

    Success demands a strong board. Now while a strong board doesn't guarantee a strong school, every strong school has a strong board.

  • Sending a message to the college: Major donors roar! (part 3)

    The authority, and I am careful to say authority and not power, possessed by the “major donor” class is significant and if widespread among the donor base may redirect an institution's errant detour(s).

  • Building on an existing relationship: The aggregate of alumni (part 2)

    Administrators and faculty appear to be clueless of their responsibility to a large donor class and this also appears not to be of concern. 

  • Righting the wrong in Christian education: Recognizing the problem (part 1)

    It appears to me that at least once a week, no once a day doesn’t pass without someone “talking” about their disappointment with education.

  • It's Time to Stand and Deliver

    Academics have taken on a methodology for accomplishing their goal to undo parental mentoring, the church's discipling, and generally anything conservative philosophically. What boasts as education begins with a "soft bias" in elementary school, moves to a stronger, more blatant bias in high school and then to full blown indoctrination in colleges both public, private, and Christian.

  • 'It Is No Secret': The Problem of Institutional Pain!

    It is no secret indeed what God can do for an individual or for that matter no secret what he can do for an institution as well! This transformation of either life or institution requires: recognition of failing and the need for change, a desire to make changes, and the determination to take action toward transformation.

  • Is Christian Education Being Dumbed Down?

    Overall students are not receiving and education and certainly not a Christian education! The fact is that teachers who possess educational expectations are moved out.

  • University Classes Today Are Biased With No Freedom of Choice and Students Pay the Price

    Professors are forcing personal positions and ideas on their students and not allowing the freedom of rebuttal!

  • Moving the Vision Forward

    Asking parents why they send their children to a Christian school has become very disappointing for me. The answers are shallow.