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  • How to convince an atheist that God exists

    Many Christians appear to hold to the mistaken belief that atheism is a cheap cop-out. It’s merely a position that’s adopted for the sake of being allowed to live a life freed from any moral authority, it’s assumed. That accusation was even thrown in my face several times by Christians when I was an atheist.

  • Will Christians become outcasts at public universities?

    We are Christian women, mothers of college students and college-bound children, who have serious concerns about how the “gender fluidity” movement has taken root at public schools and universities.

  • Should I cosign a loan?

    I cosigned for a student loan and now I’m stuck paying for it. Is there anything I can do?

  • Back to school gives children and parents a chance to go ‘back to God’

    It’s approaching fast! We’ll soon be sending our kids and grandkids back to school! But where is our emphasis? New classes? School supplies?

  • What to do about the student debt crisis

     Student loan debt is getting out of control. More than 1 million people default on their student loans every year. ...

  • Trade school vs bachelor’s degree

    Some kids are just not designed to learn by sitting at desks. Many brilliant young people tend to get easily bored, in need of hands-on activity. We need them! Yet many parents have a wrong attitude toward trade schools, thinking jobs in labor are less respectable than what a college degree offers.

  • Can education help end America's culture war?

    Independent schools, especially religious schools, are one area that many sadly overlook as a possible incubator of principled pluralism.

  • What the college admissions scandal says about the state of higher ed.

    On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced the indictment of fifty people, including a pair of well-known actresses, for their participation in a series of schemes to get their kids admitted to elite colleges and universities.

  • The college scam, Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin: Two biblical responses

    In a society that measures us by where we went to college, how much money we make, what we drive and wear, where we live, how we look, and how popular we are, these allegations should not surprise us. Does anyone think that the number of parents using illegal means to help their children succeed is limited to the fifty people named in the FBI’s indictment?