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Feb. 21, 2020: Florida cross, demonic Disney cartoon, Holy Land Experience

Feb. 21, 2020: Florida cross, demonic Disney cartoon, Holy Land Experience

Friday, Feb. 21, 2020:

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Cross can stay at Florida public park, circuit court panel rules

A 34-foot tall cross at Bayview Park in Pensacola, Florida, will not be taken town after a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled Wednesday that it can stay on public land.

The religious liberty law firm known as Becket represented Bayview in the litigation and credited last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning the Bladensburg cross in Maryland for allowing the cross in Florida to continue to stand as it has since 1941.  

The Freedom From Religion Foundation denounced the decision after losing its case to have the cross removed.

— 14 children, pregnant woman among 32 killed in Cameroon 

A pregnant woman and 14 children were among 32 killed in an attack Friday in Cameroon’s civil war-ridden English-speaking region. While the military has been blamed, an Army spokesperson has refuted claims that the military blatantly killed civilians.

The attack comes as Cameroon’s Anglophone region has suffered from violence and conflict that emerged after English-speaking communities began protesting in 2016. Many in the English-speaking regions felt their voices were not being fairly represented in the French-speaking central government. 

The Cameroonian military has been accused in the last few years of attacking farming communities in southern Cameroon supportive of separatist efforts, killing citizens and burning villages.

— New Disney Channel cartoon branded 'evil,' 'demonic' by One Million Moms

The conservative Christian watchdog group One Million Moms is warning parents that “The Owl House” — Disney Television Animation’s new fantasy-comedy cartoon series — is portraying witchcraft in a positive light. 

Over 16,000 people have signed on to support a new One Million Moms petition calling on Disney Channel to cancel “The Owl House,” which premiered in January.

— Holy Land Experience laying off most employees, closing 90% of park

The Holy Land Experience, a Christian-themed amusement park in Orlando, Florida, will be laying off most of its employees after Easter.

In January, the park announced plans to shut down their elaborate stage productions starting on April 18. A 2020 Workers Adjustment statement has revealed that they’ll be laying off 118 employees who work at the theme park. 

The Scriptorium, which holds rare and unique biblical artifacts, and a scale model of ancient Jerusalem and the city of David, will remain open.

— Most evangelical Christians live outside of North America and Europe

Evangelical Christians make up a huge swath of the world’s population. But most of them reside in Asia, Africa, and Latin America — not in North America, a new study has found. 

French researcher Sebastian Fath estimates that there are about 660 million evangelicals in the world, representing a little over a quarter of all 2.5 billion Christians. 

According to Fath, the largest share of evangelicals live in Asia and Africa has the second-highest number of evangelical Christians with 185 million.

The figures are based on 25 documents analyzing evangelical Christianity in the world.

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