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Feb. 27, 2020: Lent begins, pro-life bills fail in Senate, coronavirus warning

Feb. 27, 2020: Lent begins, pro-life bills fail in Senate, coronavirus warning

Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020:

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— Christians observe Lent

Christians began the observance of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Some of the ways Christians are observing the 40-day period before Easter include fasting from certain foods or technology, praying more intentionally, or devoting their time daily to Scripture readings.

Pastor Mark Patterson of National Community Church in Washington, D.C., has a resource for Christians to help them prepare their hearts for Easter and recenter themselves on God. The resource includes daily devotionals and Scripture readings and can be found at

— Senate fails to advance bills banning late-term abortion, infanticide

The U.S. Senate failed to get the necessary 60 votes to advance two pro-life bills, one of which was aimed at banning abortions after 20 weeks into a pregnancy while another required medical care for babies that survive the procedure.

On Tuesday, nearly all Democrats voted against both measures and nearly all Republicans supported both.

— CDC official warns of inevitable coronavirus spread in US

A CDC official warned that the U.S. should prepare for the inevitable spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, urged the American public to start making such plans as allowing employees to work from home or canceling mass gatherings.

There are currently 53 cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. of which only 14 were diagnosed stateside. Worldwide, there were 76,936 reported cases in mainland China and 1,875 cases in locations outside China. So far, 2,462 people have died.

— Asia Bibi seeking asylum in France

Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi, who spent nearly a decade on death row over blasphemy charges before she was released and granted asylum in Canada last year, says she plans to apply for political asylum in France. 

She said, “France is the country from where I received my new life.”

Bibi was in Paris to promote her new book, Enfin Libre! (Finally Free), co-written by French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet, who campaigned for Bibi’s release from prison.

— Pro-life Democrats want party to rein in extreme abortion stance

Democrats for Life of America is urging the Democratic Party and its presidential candidates to moderate their positions on abortion if they hope to have any chance of regaining ground lost to Republicans in recent years. 

Democrats for Life Executive Director Kristen Day said that in her 18-year career, right now is the most extreme she has ever seen the Democratic Party on abortion as it has moved away from “safe, legal and rare” to supporting abortion up to nine months for any reason.

The group called on Democratic candidates to make room for pro-life voters and to go back to advocating for fewer abortions, noting that “a majority of people are in the middle” on the issue.

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