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March 11, 2020: Wash. sex ed bill, Jeremy Camp talks new film, Gawvi's new album

March 11, 2020: Wash. sex ed bill, Jeremy Camp talks new film, Gawvi's new album

Wednesday, March 11, 2020:

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— Parents push back against Washington state sex ed bill; gov. expected to sign

Parents have pushed back against a bill that makes K-12 sex education mandatory in Washington public schools. Still, lawmakers approved the legislation last week and Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign it.

Kim Wendt, a Tacoma-area mom and co-founder of Informed Parents of Washington, said, “Parents really need to wake up and pay attention to what is being put in their schools.”

She argued that Planned Parenthood and the porn industry are behind the push to “sexualize” children.

— Jeremy Camps says reliving his love story in ‘I Still Believe’ hasn’t been easy

The film “I Still Believe” hits theaters Friday. The singer, Jeremy Camp, whom the movie is based on, spoke to The Christian Post, saying while he is grateful that his love story is being shown on screen, it also forces him to relive the most difficult moment in his life.

He said, “It's the hardest part of my life, where I actually experienced some very difficult grief and pain. So every time I watch it, I do break down because I'm reminded of that pain."

The film is based on how he fell in love with and married Melissa Lynn Henning, who died less than a year after they were wed.

Camp hopes nonbelievers will watch the film and see that the only reason he was able to get through that trial was because of Jesus.

— Alabama may lift ban on yoga in public schools

Alabama is considering a bill aimed at ending a ban on yoga in public schools. But some believe that lifting the prohibition would constitute a government endorsement of religion, namely Hinduism.

The bill would allow schools to offer yoga as an elective with instruction limited to exercising techniques. Mantras and namaste greetings would be prohibited.

Currently, the State Board of Education Administrative Code bans yoga, which it defines as a “Hindu philosophy and method of religious training in which eastern meditation and contemplation are joined with physical exercises, allegedly to facilitate the development of body-­mind­-spirit.”

— Michigan Methodists vote to send separation proposal to top legislative body

United Methodists in Michigan recently voted to send a proposal to split the denomination to the UMC’s top legislative body.

The proposal voted on by the Michigan Annual Conference is called the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, which allow Methodists who hold to a traditional stance on marriage to leave the denomination and create their own church body.

Other UMC bishops and regional bodies overseas have also voted to send the proposal to the General Conference, which will be meeting in May, for consideration.

— Christian artist Gawvi hopes to ruffle some feathers with new album ‘Heathen’

Award-winning artist Gawvi has a new album coming out titled Heathen.

Noting that he’s been labeled a “heathen” for going against the “Christian culture mold,” Gawvi is hoping to take back the meaning of the word and embrace it by letting Christians know “it’s OK to live outside of the norm.”

The album was inspired by the Apostle Paul’s letters and will be released on April 10.

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