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March 3, 2020: Christians in Kenya threatened, Andrew Brunson on hostility toward Christians, TikTok abortion video

March 3, 2020: Christians in Kenya threatened, Andrew Brunson on hostility toward Christians, TikTok abortion video

Tuesday, March 3, 2020:

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— Al-Shabaab warns Christians to leave northeastern Kenya

The al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab threatened Christians to leave three counties in northeastern Kenya to allow local Muslims to get all local jobs.

In an audio clip online, al-Shabaab’s spokesman, Sheikh Ali Dhere, urged Somali-Kenyans to drive all non-Muslims out.

Christians in the area have already been living with increased fear and may now see more attacks following the threat.

— Andrew Brunson says US culture becoming more hostile to Christians

Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned for his faith in Turkey for two years, spoke at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention last week and warned that being a Christian in the U.S. may soon come with great personal risk as the culture becomes increasingly “hostile” to believers. 

He posed, “Will you remain faithful? In the end, people are going to pay a price for the sake of the Gospel. Overseas, yes, but also here ... there is a cost to following Jesus.”

Brunson was a Christian missionary in Turkey for more than 20 years. He was released from prison last October.

— Viral TikTok video shows teen girls celebrating, laughing during abortion

A TikTok video that has gone viral shows teen girls having fun and laughing as one of them enters Planned Parenthood to undergo an abortion.

The video is titled “Abortion time! Take 2” and shows one girl dancing at the clinic and getting an ultrasound.

Pro-lifers chided the video as cruel.

— Ahead of Super Tuesday: Buttigieg leaves race, Bloomberg gets spurned

It’s Super Tuesday when voters in 14 states will vote for their Democratic presidential candidate of choice. So far, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have dropped out of the race.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, was spurned by some black churchgoers during his visit to Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama, for a “Bloody Sunday” service.

They were protesting Bloomberg’s earlier comments in support of stop-and-frisk policies that targeted mainly black and Hispanic residents.

— AG William Barr cautions against driving out religion from public square

Attorney General William Barr was at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention last week, warning that religion is “being driven from the public square.”

He stressed that historically, the U.S. has relied on religion to help prevent a slide toward tyranny. He argued that religion “allows us to limit the role of government by cultivating internal moral values in the people that are powerful enough to restrain individual rapacity without resort to the state’s coercive power.”

But he lamented that there’s been a steady erosion of religion. He urged Christian media to help stem the tide and alter the course that the U.S. is headed on.

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