$1.1 Million in Gold Bars Found in Plane's Bathroom Toilet

(PHOTO: Youtube)Gold bars found on Indian flight.

The crew of a flight in India were in for the shock of their lives when they found $1.1 million in gold bars in the plane bathroom.

The plane was a Jet Airways Boeing 737 that had just landed in Kolkata, and was then to fly out to Patna. In between the flights, two people cleaning out the plane made the discovery in a toilet compartment in the lavatory.

"The cleaning staff of the airport were going through their routine duties and found two bags in the toilets of the plane," airport director BP Sharma said to NBC News reports the NY Post. "It was quite a surprise."

According to the report, Sharma said the gold bars weighed about 53 pounds and most likely came from United Arab Emirates, and was brought on board by smugglers. The Bangkok Post reports that no arrests have been made so far.

"The bars were packed in bags so we did not immediately know what it was. The bags were inspected and found to be gold," Sharma said.

The Post reports that gold smuggling is on the rise, especially with India and China as they are both among the largest of gold consumers.