1.7 Million Pennies Collected for Hunger Relief

Listeners of a Christian radio station in Pennsylvania have donated 1.7 million pennies for hunger relief in Honduras.

Pittsburg-based The Word FM announced Friday that its donation drive throughout 2008 has yielded more than a million pennies, as well as nickels, dimes and dollars for a total amount of $22,587.96 for the impoverished children in the Central American country of Honduras.

The station had set up collection areas scattered throughout the radio network's listening area.

"In Honduras, a child can be fed for only $1 a day," said Dave Baker, station manager at The Word FM, in a statement. "We want to thank all our listeners whose donations will help severely malnourished children get the food they need."

All the money raised will support the work of The MAMA Project, a ministry in Pennsylvania that has worked with malnourished children in Honduras since 1987.

"We appreciate the work of The MAMA Project has been doing for so many years and we are glad we could partner with them," Baker said.