1-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Oakland Shooting Aimed at Rapper Kafani

A West Oakland shooting at 6 p.m. Monday left a 1-year-old, his father, and six other bystanders injured or hospitalized, while the real target of the gunfire left unscathed.

The boy was shot in the head, immediately driven to Oakland’s Children’s hospital by his father, and is now still in critical condition.

“We are aware of a 1-year-old boy who was shot - possibly in the head - in critical condition right now," said Oakland Police Lt. Robert Chan to KTVU-TV.

Children’s Hospital would not comment on the situation, but relatives said surgeons are currently trying to alleviate the swelling on the child’s brain, which-if left unchecked-could cause permanent damage.

Other casualties of the carnage include an unidentified woman, who was rushed to Highland Hospital and remains critically injured.

While the other six victims were somewhat injured, the apparent aim of the violence is rapper Kafani who escaped the malevolence unharmed.

Monday evening, many people were gathered in a liquor store parking lot, Kafani being among them. His van was in the area when multiple gunmen discharged a hail of barrage of bullets, hitting the rapper’s van numerous times and wounding the eight bystanders.

Kafani later tweeted about the event: “I can’t take this (expletive) shootin (expletive) babies.”

Although there are currently leads as to the whereabouts of the suspects, no arrests were made.

"We have eight people who are victims of gunshot wounds and we are asking the community to get involved and report anything they might know," said Police Department spokesperson Johanna Watson.

"There were a lot of eyes and ears out here tonight,” she told the Oakland Tribune.

Police claim the four gunmen fled the scene in an old, dark-colored Buick. They headed west on Seventh Street to the highway after firing over 50 bullets into the crowd.

Anyone with information about the gunmen or the shooting is asked to contact Oakland’s crimes division at (510) 238-3821.