Most Useful iPhone and iPad 2 Apps for both Newbies and Pros

We've reviewed various popular iPad and iPad 2 apps, and have come up not only with the most useful ones for everyday tasks, but with the most entertaining and the most time-deserving for both newbies and pros.

Here are the ten in no particular order:

Wish you could watch some videos online but have no internet connection? Worry no more. With Roadshow, you'll be able to save your videos for a later offline viewing.

Allows you to save 15 videos for offline viewing for free but for $4.99, it'll allow you to save as many as you want.

Price: Free

RoadshowRoadshowScreenshot of the RoadShow App

You finally have a nice portable high quality display before you. Now, all you need is an app that will make watching movies simple. Netflix will do the job.

Price: Free

NetFlixNetFlixScreenshot of NetFlix app

Stimulate your artistic talent by creating art on your digital canvas. Beyond any paint program, this app will react to the pressure exerted, the wetness of the brush, blending colors and much more.

Price: $6.99 App on iPad

Similar to Roadshow, instead of videos Instapaper will allow you to save articles, blogs and news for offline reading.

Great for readers out there taking short flights or trips and need to keep themselves updated with the latest news.

Price: $4.99

InstapaperInstapaperScreenshot of Instapaper App


An online storage system that automatically syncs all your files dropped into the dropbox folder across all your devices making them available to you anywhere.

For example if you are at a research lab using a PC and drop research results on the Dropbox app, then you can view them later on the Dropbox app in your iPad as you are driven home.

Supports the iPad, iPhone. Android Phone, Windows and Mac PCs.

Price: Free

DropBoxDropBoxScreenshot of the DropBox App


Admit it, you probably spend more time on shopping for groceries, cooking and eating over any other daily activity except sleeping.

Why not spice up your life with more than 30,000 recipes offered in this app? If you are sloppy at cooking, the app will ensure you get things right with a step by step process.

Price: Free

EpicuriousEpicuriousScreenshot of Epicurious App

When you have a great idea and are in a hurry, a scribble will best capture the notion than a linear stream of words punched in by the keyboard. Make taking notes easy, quick and fun.

PenUltimate works just like pen and paper.

Price: $2

PenUltimatePenUltimatePenultimate App screenshot on the iPad

Bento is a personal organizer that allows you to manage your contacts, schedule, events and other activities neatly and quickly. Set up intuitively, it'll be your best pal if your busy schedule is always ruining your sense of organization.

Price: $4.99

BentoBentoScreenshot of Bento App on the Ipad

Even though may you not have inherited the genes for music, GarageBand will make you feel a musician nonetheless.

Appealing to people of all ages, you can make neat tunes with the simple-to-use preset tools it provides making your songs always sound good.

Price: $5

GarageBandAppleScreenshot of GarageBand App on iPad is an app that allows you to interact with friends as well as strangers around you.

Due to the fact that it displays Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare feeds based on location (map), it allows you to see just what people located near you are up to.

Perhaps, you might want to invite your friends who are coincidentally nearby for a cup of coffee!

Price: Free

Ban.JoBusinesswireScreenshot of Ban.Jo app on iPad