10 Everyday Decisions That Christians Are Really Bad At Making

1. Go to hospital when you get sick or pray for healing.

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2. Worship God from the pew during service or let the Spirit move you in a unique adoration.

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3. Love your brothers and sisters or point out their sins and weakenesses.

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4. Counsel others or speak in tongues on Twitter to show off to your followers.

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5. Be set apart from the world or share the gospel in a trendy way...

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6. Save others by preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth or simply go to service on Sundays.

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7. Give tithes to church or use the money to pay bills.

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8. Repent or blame Satan for your own mistakes.

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9. Face challenges and grow in faith or get out of the boat immediately and say: "It was not the will of God..."

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10. Work to pay your bills and donate to your church or rely on prosperity theology to pay your overwhelming debts.

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