10 Tattooed Preachers You've Never Seen

This is what you don't see when listening to sermons...We've found some preachers out there preaching the Gospel with a tattooed body...

1. Steve Bentley

(Photo: The Bridge) Steve Bentley, lead pastor of Flint Twp., Mich.'s The Bridge, shows off his tattoo honoring his church's ministry. His church recently opened Serenity Tattoo, a new tattoo parlor, within its property.

Yes, this is a tattooed body of a religious leader.

2. Nadia Bolz-Weber

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube) Nadia Bolz-Weber is the founding pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints, an ELCA mission church in Denver, Colorado.


3. Aaron Davis

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube) Aaron Davis is an Ordained Minister of 17 years and is also the Online Campus Pastor @ OasisChurch.Tv

People like it...

4. Rachael Rae

(Photo: http://rachelbarnette.theworldrace.org/) Rachael Rae describes herself as a Kickboxing Instructor, among other things, and also a preacher.

So you lived your life ... and when God called you, that is how you look like...

5. Todd Bently

(Photo: Wikipedia) Todd Bently is a Canadian Christian evangelist and he was the key figure of the Lakeland Revival.

Yes, guys, I was transformed!

6. Pastor Carl Lentz

Photo: Screen Grab/AljazeraOfficial - YouTube) Carl Lentz is a pastor of Hillsong Church New York.

Some people just look for me because I am Justin Bieber's friend..., but I am a pastor, you know...?

7. Pastor Cleetus

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube) Cleetus is a pastor at Deliverance Bible Church located in Hurst, Texas.

That is me!!!

8. Arthur Hollands

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube) Arthur Hollands was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1951 and came to USA when he was 20, where he became the national champion at an all American wrestling tournament, won a silver medal at a Pan American championship, and came third at a national Judo championship. He was baptized at 23, became a pastor and returned to Japan in 1982 for evangelism.

No, no, no, no, no... I am just baptizing!

9. Pastor Robert Rutheford

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTub Pastor Robert Rutheford of The Bridge Church at Flatrock.

Look at meeeeee!

10. Rev. Jeremy Edmondson

(Photo: Screen Grab/YouTube) Rev. Jeremy Edmondson is pastor of Resurgence Church in Evansville.

Jesus is transforming youth