10-Year-Old's Burned Body Found in Trash; Grandmother Wants to Pray With Accused Son, Asking God to Help Her Forgive

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(Photo: 11 Alive Screenshot)Ten-year-old Emani Moss's burned body was found in a trash can on Nov. 2. Her father and step-mother have been charged in her death.

A Georgian woman whose 10-year-old granddaughter's burned body was found in a trash can at the beginning of this month has said that she wants to forgive her accused son and pray with him.

"I'm praying, and I'm asking God to give me that forgiveness deep inside because he's still my son. He's my only son," Robin Moss told My Fox Atlanta.

"I want to pray with him and I want him to tell me why," she added to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Eman and Tiffany Moss, the father and step-mother of Emani Moss, have been accused of murdering their daughter by starving her to death. Emani's body was found on Nov. 2, though authorities believe that Emani had likely been dead for several days before it was found and that it was likely dumped there after her parents were unable to burn it.

State records indicated that Emani had a history of abuse. At a hearing earlier this month, Detective Collin Flynn stated that her father had returned home on Oct. 24 and discovered his daugher's motionless body in the bathtub.

"He said that Tiffany was sitting down next to the body in the bathtub that Emani was seized up and not able to move her body inside the bathtub," Flynn told MyFoxAtlanta. "Eman told me that they put her in the bed on that day, which would have been Thursday and apparently they kept her there from that Thursday until the following Wednesday when she died."

Her father told police that they had not fed their daughter, who weighed only 32 pounds, for an entire week and chose not to go to the hospital because the parents feared they would get in trouble with the law.

"He never wanted to call an ambulance or take her to the hospital because Tiffany had the history of domestic violence against Emani and they were afraid that they would go to jail," said Flynn.

Despite her parents' alleged cruelty and callousness, the girl was deeply beloved by her grandmother.

"I don't want to say goodbye," Robin told reporters at a prayer vigil for her granddaughter on Nov. 12.

"I don't want anyone — any other grandmother, mother — to go through the heartache that I've had to go through," Robin Moss said. "We have not slept. We have not eaten. We can't function. We're like zombies right now because this is really hard."