1,000 Pot Plants Seized in California, Another 2,000 on East Coast Worth Millions

Authorities have arrested suspects involved in the discovery of over 1,000 marijuana plants in Oakland, California. The find comes only days after another marijuana plant bust occurred in Pennsylvania.

Over 1,000 marijuana plants were discovered in eastern Oakland on Wednesday night. SWAT officers raided the warehouse, where they discovered a number of growing rooms and lighting rooms in addition to other space, which appeared to have been developed for the cultivation of the drug.

Police also recovered four guns and arrested 11 people who were believed to be associated with the operation. No documentation for a government-sanctioned program was discovered, prompting police to believe that the drug was not being cultivated for medicinal use.

On Monday, police discovered 2,000 marijuana plants within two households, although it was believed to be a joint operation. The plants were believed to have the potential of producing more than $10 million worth of drugs a year. Two men were also discovered cultivating the plant, when police arrived.

According to the authorities investigation into the bust began over a year ago. Police believe the drugs were being sold to East Coast states, including New Jersey and New York.

Along with the plants, police found $44,000 in cash and 150 pounds of packaged marijuana that carried an estimated street value of $500,000.

According to Science Based Life, marijuana growth in the United States accounts for 1 percent of energy, which accounts to a $5 billion energy bill. That amount of energy is the equivalent of what it would take to power two million U.S homes each year.