$11,000 Found at Store: Woman Returns Lost Money Meant to Finance Church Building

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$11,000 found at a store in Beverly has been handed in to police by a good willed woman.

Cheryl Gavazzi from Beverly did something many people might find difficult and resisted the temptation of keeping her find herself, instead doing the morally right thing and handed it in to authorities to help reunite the large sum of money with its owner.

Gavazzi was shopping at Marshalls in Swampscott recently when she saw a Vera Bradley bag. She was in fact impressed with the bag, which was hanging on a rack, and was contemplating buying the bag for herself.

However, when she opened the bag to check out the inside design she was left stunned by finding a huge pile of money.

The woman told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 last week, "I said that would be the perfect bag to put stuff in and (I) undid the zipper and at that point that's when I went – ok what do I do now?"

Inside the bag were some baby diapers, as well as some medical records. But the thing that stood out most was the big wad of rolled up cash.

According to reports the wad of cash amounted to more than $11,000.

Gavazzi did not hesitate but immediately took the large sum of money, along with the bag, to the local police station.

Police quickly reunited the bag with its rightful owner, who had in fact reported the bag as stolen.

The money, as it turns out, was in fact finances from a fundraising drive to go towards the building of a church in Guatemala - where the bag's owner came from.

Gavazzi was able to meet up with the owner of the bag last week, and they delightedly gave her a big hug and thanked her for her honesty. The relieved owners also gave Gavazzi a small reward for her actions.

Gavazzi said, "He was wondering how he was going to come up with that money because it wasn't his money. At that point, he was going to be selling his car if he had to."