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12-Y-O Boy Jumps Out of Moving Car After Alleged Gay Gunman Abducts Him, Asks for Kiss

12-Y-O Boy Jumps Out of Moving Car After Alleged Gay Gunman Abducts Him, Asks for Kiss

Antwaun Jones, 12. | (Photo: Family)

The family of a 12-year-old Virginia boy who was abducted by a gunman who asked him for a kiss on Sunday afternoon are now praising God after the boy jumped out of the man's moving vehicle and survived with only minor injuries.

"He's his own hero. He saved his own life," the 12-year-old boy's father, Anthony Jones, told WTVR of his son Antwaun. "I was grateful to God for protecting and bringing my son back to me."

Antwaun, police say, was walking east on Broad Street on his way to the town park in Kenbridge when he charges that Eric Donte Harrison, 26, also from Kenbridge, pulled over in a Chevy Blazer and put a gun to his stomach and demanded that he get inside the car.

"I've never seen him a day in my life," Antwaun said of Harrison.

The boy said soon after he got into the car and Harrison started driving, the gunman said he is gay.

"About five minutes down the road, he told me he was gay and asked if he could kiss me," Antwaun said.

Fearing his life was now in danger, Antwaun started reaching for the door as Harrison increased the speed of the car.

"He started to speed up the car. He was going like 35 at first, then he started speeding up to 50, then 55. As soon as he hit 60, I just jumped," Antwaun told WTVR.

"I hit my head like three times. The pain level was a 10 and I tucked and rolled at first. I got my first cut, then it started cutting all up and down my body," he added.

Antwaun was treated at South Hill Hospital Sunday night for injuries including a broken collar bone, a chipped elbow, and road abrasions.

"I don't mind having a couple broken bones as long as I get back home to my family."

A witness saw what happened and called 911 and the boy's parents while providing other help.

Anthony Jones said the attack on his son has been the "worst experience" of his life so far.

Police have since arrested and charged Harrison with abduction with intent to defile and use of a firearm in the commission of abduction.

He allegedly admitted to picking up Antwaun but denied using a handgun.

"He said he was going to take the boy to a thrift store near the pellet company at the intersection of the South Hill Road and Switchback Road," police told WTVR.

Police did not find the alleged handgun after a search of Harrison's house and car. He is being held at in Piedmont Regional Jail without bond.

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