12-Year-Old Boy Beats 'Brain-Eating Amoeba' Infection, But Left With Extensive Brain Damage

(Photo: Facebook/Pray4Number4 - Zachary Reyna)Zachary Reyna, 12.

The family of 12-year-old Zachary Reyna who was infected with a rare but deadly "brain-eating amoeba" after playing in contaminated water on Aug. 3 says the infection has been defeated.

"Thank you Jesus for giving us another day with Zac and another day of hope. We were told this morning that the antibiotics have defeated the infection. Tests showed negative activity from the amoeba," said the boy's father in a post on a Facebook page dedicated to his recovery on Wednesday.

Calling the news a "small victory," Zachary's father is now asking for prayers to overcome the severe brain damage caused by the infection.

"This is a small victory but we know the battle is not over. Extensive damage was done to his brain and we need to pray for any form of activity to come from his brain," he noted in the post.

"I feel like Zac was in a slump, all ball players go through them. We all do. As his Dad and Coach I do all I can to help him get out of it by giving him extra training and making adjustments to his swing. We all go through tough times and we need to find God and prayer to get through theses slumps of life," he continued.

"God has sent Zac an army of coaches and through prayers Zac is ready. He's ready to battle now. His slump is over. We will battle together with Zac and know that we are prepared for God's decision. A victory is coming. Zac I love you and I know you are doing your best. Leave it all on the field son. I'm proud of you. We all are," his father added.

Just hours before announcing the "small victory" Zachary's father noted that "the enemy is trying to make us lose hope" when no change was detected in his son's condition close to the end of the medical treatment.

"Keeping my faith is difficult when I see what Zac is up against, but I have to stay strong through this and believe that it is God's will and He is preparing us for a victory either way. Please pray for Zac and pray that God continues to give us strength these last few days of treatment. The enemy is trying to make us lose hope and we need your prayers," he pleaded.

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