12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop: Video Goes Viral as Boy Hounds Cop for Parking Violation (VIDEO)

A 12-year-old has called out a cop for parking illegally in Las Vegas, questioning the officer about whether he was attending to an emergency when he parked in a restricted spot.

Young boy, Jeremy, reportedly video taped the police officer when he pulled up his motorcycle on the sidewalk to park. The boy was bewildered by a policeman would disregard the law when he was paid to uphold it.

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(Photo: YouTube/Jeremy Drew Screen Shot)12-year-old Jeremy Drew is seen here calling out a cop for a traffic violation.

The boy asked the officer: "Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?"

The officer in the video refuses to answer and tries to move on without allowing the situation to escalate any further, but as he tries to avoid the boy, Jeremy continues to hound the officer, asking him for his police badge identification number.

The officer again continues to try and avoid the boy, and eventually asks him why he's asking him for his badge number, to which the boy responds, "Because I have a right to."

The officer still refuses to give his ID number after that, and instead tries to turn things around on the young boy. The cop is seen in the video asking Jeremy for his ID. But of course the young boy does not have any – he's just a young kid. So the police officer then orders the boy to stop loitering.

The cop eventually moves away without giving into the boy and without revealing his badge number. However, the video and the story have gone viral on the Internet with many commending the boy and criticizing the arrogance of the police officer in the way he dealt with the child.

Here is a video of the police officer breaking traffic rules and being chased by the 12 year old boy: